Jasper and the Pot of Water

pot-883036_640We all fear accidents – all we can do is take reasonable precautions.  But our pets sometimes outwit us and late last night Jasper flew into a pot of boiling water.  When I saw him the next day I explained to the owner that even though the legs looked pretty good, the true extent of the damage might not show up for several days.

The owner was not surprised since, as a cook, he was familiar with burn first aid care.  Jasper was bathed in warm (not cold) water initially and repeatedly.  Warm water helps stimulate blood flow which leads to long term improvements in healing.

Within 24 hours you can see the swelling starting already:


Initial swelling on the left leg


Irritation and swelling

Regardless of the presentation, we treated for the possibility of very bad burns by starting Jasper on pain medication, antibiotics and topical treatments.  Sometimes wrapping a burn can be helpful but it depends on the location and the patient.  Jasper did well on his treatments and recovered fully.  He was lucky – many of our patients lose toes or worse.  It can be very hard to keep their pain under control and to medicate them frequently until the burns are healed.

Take a look at some of the changes to Jasper’s legs over the following weeks:

3 days later the skin is sloughing

Improvements 11 days after the burn


But now a thick scab is present


The scab is trimmed to prevent a constriction

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All healed after 1 full month of care