Fright Night is Almost Here!

What’s fun for most of us can be scary or dangerous for our pets. Here’s a few thoughts to mull over this Halloween.

Toxins – many of our exotic pets love to chew. Chocolate, sugary treats and caffeine are common items this weekend that should be kept out of reach. Keep an eye on that bowl of candy or decorations.

Costumes and Decorations – watch out for flying hazards, novel items to chew or hiding places that your little critter could get stuck in. String, buttons, toxic bits of dangling costumes or decorations are attractive but could cause serious health issues. Don’t allow access to anything you aren’t sure is healthy.

Activity – stress from the constantly ringing doorbell, loud party noises or exciting decorations that make noise can all result in an unhappy or sick pet. Make sure your pet has a quiet and calm place to wait out the storm.

Pumpkins – while pumpkins are more of a concern for the active and larger pet (dogs, cats, large bunnies) they can be a tasty treat for others (birds, turtles, tortoises….). Just make sure no toxic paints or decorations are left on the item to be eaten. Also, if that pumpkin was carved and set out a few days ago…it’s probably not something you want to eat.

Candles – the main concern here is a fire hazard if your frightened pet knocks one over. It’s never a good idea to leave unattended candles in a house.

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